October 2018

  • Marcin started his stay in Northeastern University in Boston as a part of his Fulbright fellowship.

September 2018

  • Prof. Michael Feig visited our lab again!
  • Joanna T. started her sabbatical visit at the University of California, San Diego.

August 2018

  • Prof. Timor Baasov from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology visited our lab.

May 2018

  • Prof. Yuji Sugita and Dr Suyong Re from RIKEN, Japan visited our lab to discuss the Harmonia NCN project.
  • Tomek received the Preludium grant from the National Science Centre to study the transport of PNA conjugates through the E. coli inner membrane. Congratulations!

April 2018

    March 2018

    • Agnieszka defended her PhD thesis at the Faculty of Biology. Congratulations!

    February 2018

    • Joanna T. has received funding in the Harmonia call of the National Science Centre to study molecular dynamics of the aminoglycosides riboswitch. Congratulations!

    December 2017

    November 2017

    • Joanna T. has accepted an invitation to be the Faculty Member in F1000Prime  Section Theory and Simulation
    • Our partner in the Symfonia project is looking for a postdoctoral-researcher. See announcement.
    • We have just welcomed Akalabya who will work as a post-doc in the Opus project. 

    October 2017

    • We are extremely happy to inform that President of the Republic of Poland presented the professorial title to our boss -  Prof. dr hab. Joanna Trylska. Congratulations! [video]
    • Natalia joined our group as a PhD student in the Opus project. Welcome!
    • Jakub and Paulina are new MSc students in the group. Jakub will work on HIV-1 protease reactions and Paulina on modifications of aminoglycoside antibiotics.

    September 2017

    • Agnieszka, Joanna M and Marcin participated in 6th Central European Congress of Life Science in Cracow. Agnieszka and Joanna M presented a poster and Marcin gave an oral presentation. 
    • Marta Dudek defended her PhD thesis at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS. Congratulations! 

    August 2017

    • Joanna presented the work on vitamin B12 conjugates and L-RNA at the American Chemical Society Meeting in Washington DC.
    • There is an article in the Biophysicist in Profile section of the August issue of the newsletter of Biophysical Society about Joanna T. Congratulations!

    June 2017

    • Maciej J. defended his Ph.D. thesis at the Faculty of Physics and obtained a Ph.D. degree in physics. Congratulations!
    • Joanna T. presented a poster about our recent Biochimie paper at the RNA Society Meeting in Prague.

    May 2017

    • Our group recieved the OPUS 12 grant from the National Science Centre to study the effects of crowding on enzymatic activities and dynamics of different viral proteases.
    • Joanna T., Ksenia, Agnieszka, and Joanna M. participated in Biomolecules and Nanostructures 6 conference in Podlesice, Poland. Ksenia gave an oral presentation, Agnieszka and Joanna M., presented a poster. Agnieszka won a poster prize for the PhD student - congrats! 
    • Prof. Michael Feig from Michigan State University is visiting us again for about a month.

    April 2017

    February 2017

    • Tomek Pieńko presented a poster at the Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans and visited the lab of prof. Cameron Mura at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

    January 2017

    • Marta K. defended her thesis entitled "Interactions of aminoglycoside antibiotics with ribosomal RNA and riboswitches" and obtained a PhD degree in chemistry. Congratulations! 
    • Maciej J. started his Etiuda fellowship in Prof. Michael Feig group at the Michigan State University.

    December 2016

    • Ksenia gave a talk at a conference on the MemThera project held in Cracow and organized by NCBiR and Research Council of Norway within the polish-norwegian research programme.

    November 2016

    • Kasia K. defended her thesis and obtained a PhD degree in chemistry. Congratulations!
    • Joanna T. received a silver medal from the university chancellor for the 200 anniversary of the University of Warsaw.

    September 2016

    • Prof. Yuji Sugita visited our lab in the last week of September.
    • Prof. Michael Feig (Michigan State University) will spend one month in our lab. He was awarded A. von Humboldt fellowship from the Foundation for Polish Science.

    July 2016

    • Our former visitor, Jaime Ivan Castillo, a high school student from Tijuana, Mexico, gives an interview about his trip to Poland and work in our lab.

    June 2016

    • Marta K. presented a poster at the RNA Society Meeting in Kyoto, Japan.
    • Maciek J. received the Etiuda fellowship from the National Science Centre. Congratulations! His application was 6th out of 85.
    • Prof. Chia-en Chang from University of California Riverside, USA, visited our lab.

    May 2016

    • Congratulations to Ksenia for gaining funding for her research in an internal competition of the University of Warsaw for young researchers and PhD students.
    • Monika presented a poster and Joanna T. gave a talk at a workshop "RNA: Structure, Dynamics, and Function" at Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) in Trieste, Italy.
    • Prof. Kathleen Hall from Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO, USA, visited our lab.
    • Marta K. attended JCUP VII OpenEye's meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

    April 2016

    March 2016

    • Prof. Michael Feig was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Polish Honorary Research Fellowship by the Foundation for Polish Science to spend three months in our lab and collaborate on a project on thermal stability of RNA and PNA duplexes. His first visit will be this September.

    February 2016

    • Joanna T. attended a workshop at the University of Toronto at the Fields Institute. The workshop was a part of thematic programme on MultiScale Scientific Computing.
    • Marta Kulik was awarded FY2016 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (Short-Term) for North American and European Researchers. 

    January 2016

    • Filip Leonarski defended his PhD Thesis titled "Coarse-grained models for molecular dynamics of RNA. Evolutionary algorithm optimization of the potential energy function parameters". Congratulations!  
    • Marta Kulik went for a 9 month visit to the laboratory of prof. Yuji Sugita (RIKEN, Japan).

    December 2015

    • Joanna Trylska gave a lecture at the conference Protein Interactions in Biology at the National University of Ireland in Galway.

    November 2015

    • Ksenia is visiting the lab of prof. Nathalie Reuter at the University of Bergen in Norway.

    October 2015

    September 2015

    • Nathalie Reuter and Tom Venken from the University of Bergen visited our lab and gave talks.
    • Jaime Ivan Castillo from Tijuana in Mexico joined the lab for a one year internship. He will stay one year in Warsaw as a student of the Rotary International exchange program. Welcome!
    • Marta Kulik gave a short talk and Marta Dudek presented a poster in Lausanne at the Computational Advances in Drug Discovery conference. Marta Kulik was awarded for the best short talk presentation. Congratulations!
    • Ksenia and Monika participated in 23rd Polish Peptide Symposium in Spała. Ksenia gave a lecture and Monika presented a poster.
    • Marta Kulik gave a talk in Lublin at the 8th Symposium of the Polish Bioinformatics Society.

    July 2015

    • Tomasz Pieńko joined to our group as a PhD Student to work on molecular dynamics simulations in the Symfonia NCN-funded project. Welcome!
    • Marta K., Ksenia, Marcin and Monika presented their posters and Joanna T. gave a lecture at EMBO Young Scientists Forum in Warsaw.

    May 2015

    April 2015

    • Joanna Panecka defended her PhD thesis at the Department of Physics University of Warsaw. Congratulations!. Since January 2015 Joanna P. is working in Heidelberg, Germany in the laboratory of prof. Rebecca Wade. 
    • Marta Kulik and Maciej Jasiński presented posters at the RECOMB conference in Warsaw.

    March 2015

    • We are looking for a PhD student in biomolecular modeling and simulation to work on molecular dynamics simulations of complexes of vitamin B12 with membrane proteins in the Symfonia NCN-funded project. Details are here.

    February 2015

    January 2015

    December 2014

    November 2014

    • Maciej J. is visiting the lab of prof. Cameron Mura at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, USA.

    October 2014

    • Filip started his work in Strasbourg in France with prof. Pascal Auffinger at the Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, CNRS. His funding is from the Mobility Plus grant.
    • Marta K. left for a three month visit in RIKEN, Japan in the laboratory of prof. Yuji Sugita. 

    September 2014

    August 2014

    • We received funding in the Symfonia call of the National Science Centre. The funding is for interdisciplinary research and we collaborate with dr hab. Dorota Gryko, the PI from the Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences.

    June 2014

    May 2014

    • Prof. Yuji Sugita, Chief Scientist at RIKEN, Japan visited our lab and gave a talk.
    • Six members of our lab will present their research at the "From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology 2014" conference in Gdańsk. Joanna Trylska is an invited speaker, Filip Leonarski will present his research during a CBSB Outstanding Young Researcher talk and Marta Kulik will have a 15 minute long presentation. Others from our group present their research as posters.
    • Our group participated in the "Meet the ribosome" symposium, with presentation of prof. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (2009 Nobel Prize in chemistry) on achievements and future challanges in ribosome structural studies. 
    • Marta Dudek was awarded funding by National Science Centre in the PRELUDIUM call. Congratulations!

    March 2014

    • Monika Wojciechowska joined the lab in the OPUS project from the National Science Centre. Welcome!

    February 2014

    • Kasia and Asia P. recieved the scholarships from the Mazovian district to support Mazovian PhD students. Congratulations!

    January 2014

    • Ksenia Maximova joined our lab as a post-doc in the CORE project (Norway grants). Welcome in the group.

    December 2013

    • Filip received a scholarship in the 3rd edition of the Mobility Plus programme by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education for a 2 year research visit to the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Strasbourg, France to work on a more physical, yet efficient representation of magnesium(II) ions for RNA full-atomistic molecular dynamic simulations.

    November 2013

    • Kasia's project entitled "Computational study of physicochemical properties of fragment bacterial ribosome and enzymes in the bounding places of lincosamides using computational modelling methods" has been awarded funding by the National Science Centre in the PRELUDIUM call. 

    • Agnieszka received scholarship in the 5th edition of contest for scholarships for PhD students and young post-docs in Modern University competition. Congratulations! She has also obtained a scholarship from the program "Development of science - the development of the region - supporting scholarships and support for Mazovia doctoral students" co-funded by the European Union under the European Social Fund. More information here

    October 2013

    September 2013

    • Anna defended her MCs thesis entitled "Inhibition of bacterial translation by Peptide Nucleic Acid oligomers targeting the ribosomal RNA".
    • Marek Havrila (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic) come to our Lab for two weeks stay. He is working on a joint project with Joanna P.

    August 2013

    July 2013

    June 2013

    May 2013

    • Fabio Trovato from NEST, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy started one month stay in our Lab within the Canaletto programme.
    • Congratulations to Maciej for the third place in International FameLab competition! Maciej also received a Special BMW Group Poland Award.

    April 2013

    March 2013

    February 2013

    • Maciej J. will present his project in the final of the FameLab 2013 competition. Congratulations!

    December 2012

    • Anna was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for outstanding students.

    November 2012

    • Mahmut Kara, PhD student from Technische Universität München, visited our lab and gave a talk.
    • Joanna Trylska's project entitled "Interactions of peptide nucleic acids with biologically relevant RNA motifs" has been  recommended for funding by the National Science Centre in the OPUS call.

    October 2012

    • Congratulations to Julia! She defended her PhD thesis entitled "Comparing physical properties of aminoglycoside antibiotics' binding sites in RNA and  proteins". Julia has moved to Heidelberg and works in the lab of Prof. Rebecca Wade at HITS.

    • Maciej D. was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for young outstanding scientists. Congratulations!

    • Marcin Równicki joined our Lab to work in the Team project.

    September 2012

    July 2012

    • Richard Henchman from the Institute of Biotechnology at Manchester University visted our lab.

    June 2012

    May 2012

    April 2012

    • Karol Langer from Leiden University came our Lab and gave a talk: Molecular interactions, quantum chemistry, nanocomposites, mesoscale.

    March 2012

    February 2012

    January 2012

    • Joanna Sarzyńska from Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań visited our lab and gave a talk.
    • Starting January 1st 2012 our lab has changed affiliation. We are now a part of the Centre of New Technologies University of Warsaw.
    • Joanna P. organized Tripos training.

    December 2011

    November 2011

    October 2011

    • Joanna Panecka's project has been awarded funding by the National Science Centre. Her proposoal "Computational study of  conformational and thermodynamic properties of human ribosomal A-site and its interactions with aminoglycoside antibiotics" was ranked 4th among 80 submitted in the Life Sciences Biophysical panel (NZ1). Congratulations!
    • Sapna, Julia and Marta D. participated in The Modern Techniques for Drug Design Purposes, Warsaw. During this conference Joanna T. gave a talk.

    September 2011

    August 2011

    July 2011

    June 2011

    • Tomek participated in EMBO Young Scientists Forum, Warsaw, Poland.
    • Maciej D. attended a Molecular Crowding Meeting in Telluride, USA.
    • Congratulations to Katarzyna who got married on June 18th. Wish you all the best! photo
    • Congratulations to Maciej J. who was admitted to a PhD program at the Inter-Faculty Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Warsaw.
    • Maciej J. participated in the BIT11 conference taking place in Toruń, Poland.

    May 2011

    April 2011

    March 2011

    February 2011

    January 2011

    • Maciej D. will receive funding from the National Science Centre for computational studies on diffusion in molecular systems.
    • Sapna Thoduka joined our Lab and will join the experimental group as a post-doc researcher in the Team project.

    December 2010

    • Joanna T. will be a co-organizer of a Cecam workshop "Dynamics of Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions: Integrating Simulations with Experiments". The workshop will take place September 14-16, 2011 in Zurich.
    • Julia is back from her three month stay at the University of Bergen in Dr. Nathalie Reuter's group.
    • Joanna T. received the University of Warsaw Rector award for research achievements.

    October 2010

    September 2010

    August 2010

    July 2010

    June 2010

    May 2010

    April 2010

    • Congratulations to Katarzyna Kulczycka who received the best presentation award at spring graduate student convention of the Polish Chemical Society.
    • Tomasz Wituła visits the research groups of Prof. Cameron Mura and Linda Columbus at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, USA.

    March 2010

    • Marta Dudek joined the lab as a student in the Team project.

    February 2010

    • Pawel Zielinski joined the lab as a software developer.

    January 2010

    • Marcin Szypowski left our team. We wish him a lot of success and satisfaction in his new job.

    December 2009

    • Tomasz Witula joined our lab and will work in the Team project.

    November 2009

    • Dariusz Ekonomiuk, Filip Leonarski, Maciej Jasinski joined the lab and will work in the Team project.

    October 2009

    • We are looking for enthusiastic researchers to work in the Team project: “Antisense peptide nucleic acids as inhibitors of bacterial translation”.
    • Zofia Dabrowska joined the lab to work as a laboratory assistant.

    September 2009

    June 2009

    • Katarzyna Kulczycka became the PhD student of the Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Warsaw.

    May 2009