June 2024

The TED Talk about the peptides in the fight against antimicrobial resistance presented by our PhD student Julia is now available online! Watch it here.



We have received funding from the National Science Centre for two new projects!

Monika, a PhD Senior Researcher, received a SONATA BIS grant for her project based on developing new antimicrobial agents using lytic enzymes produced by bacteriophages. More about the project here.

Izabela, our PhD student, received a PRELUDIUM grant for her work on peptide nucleic acid conjugates with aminoglycosides and fluoroquinolones for targeting multidrug-resistant bacteria. More about the project here.



May 2024

Our team leader, Prof. Trylska, is one of the organizers of the Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting on “Emerging Theoretical Approaches to Compliment Single-Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy” to be held in Trieste, Italy, on 21-25 October 2024.

We encourage you to register and attend the conference!

Find out more here!

April 2024

Our work is published in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences“!

Piotr Chyży and Prof. Joanna Trylska, in collaboration with researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, and the group of Prof. Yuji Sugita from RIKEN, Japan, carried out the research on the association path of neomycin to riboswitches.

The article can be found here.


January 2024

A PhD student from Italy, Rosa, joined our group for 6-month scholarship as a part of her PhD thesis about PNA oligomers. Welcome!

December 2023

Announcement: We are looking for a post-doc experienced in microbiology/molecular biology/biophysics/biochemistry to work on the OPUS project “Making use of siderophore transport systems to deliver peptide nucleic acids to bacterial cells“. Click here for the details and requirements. 

November 2023

Our PhD student Piotr C. received a PRELUDIUM grant from the National Science Center for his work on a hybrid approach for designing new antimicrobial peptides. Congratulations!

October 2023

Announcement: We are looking for a master’s student to work on a research project related to the chemical synthesis of peptide-based molecules. Click here for the details and requirements. Please send your application to m.wojciechowska@cent.uw.edu.pl.

  • Monika received IDUB “New Ideas 3B” funding for a project about searching for antibacterial peptides in phage endolysin structures. Congratulations!
  • Prof. Yuji Sugita from RIKEN visited our lab
  • Gosia has been admitted to the Doctoral School of Natural and Exact Sciences to work on biological membranes and macromolecular crowding in the PRELUDIUM BIS project. Congratulations!

September 2023

  • Congratulations to Włada on the best talk prize for young investigators at the Polish Peptide Symposium in Stare Jabłonki!

  • Gizem joined our team to work on PNA during her 2-month Erasmus scholarship.

August 2023

Our team leader Joanna Trylska gave a talk at the ACS Fall 2023 conference in San Francisco.

July 2023

Congratulations to Iza for the best poster prize at the International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (RICT 2023) in France!