September 2021

Michał Burmistrz joined our group as a post-doctoral fellow in the Opus 19 project and will be our microbiology specialist. Welcome to the group!

August 2021

Piotr Chyży got admitted to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the University of Warsaw. He will continue the project within the Harmonia grant but will also do research on peptide-based antibiotics toward hi PhD. Congratulations!

June 2021

Tomek defended his PhD thesis with honours. He is now the Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Congratulations!

Prof. Michael Feig from Michigan State University started his NAWA fellowship with our group. Welcome!

May 2021

Włada Tsylents joined our lab to work on peptides, peptide nucleic acids, and their conjugations with siderophores. Welcome!

April 2021

We are looking for an experimentalist (post-doc) to work on siderophore-peptide nucleic acid systems and bacterial cells. The position is within the new Opus 19 project. See the announcement at CeNT web page. The deadline for the application is May 15th 2021.

March 2021

We are hiring! The lab is looking for a PhD student to work in the new Opus 19 project on the theme of iron chelators as delivery vehicles of antibiotics and peptide nucleic acids. For details see the announcement at the CeNT career page. The deadline for submitting applications is April 29th 2021.

November 2020

Our lab was awarded two grants from the National Science Centre. One is the Opus grant for the use of bacterial iron transport systems to deliver peptide nucleic acids to bacterial cells. The second one is the Preludium grant awarded to Joanna M. to work on her ribozyme project. Congratulations!