October 2012

  • Congratulations to Julia! She defended her PhD thesis entitled “Comparing physical properties of aminoglycoside antibiotics’ binding sites in RNA and  proteins”. Julia has moved to Heidelberg and works in the lab of Prof. Rebecca Wade at HITS.
  • Maciej D. was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for young outstanding scientists. Congratulations!
  • Marcin Równicki joined our Lab to work in the Team project.

June 2012

  • Joanna T. and Julia attended the ISQBP 2012 President’s meeting Challenges in biomolecular modeling – from QM to coarse-graining, taking place in Stokholm, Sweden and gave talks.
  • Maciej J. received a special distinction in the fourth edition of the Polish Society for Bioinformatics contest for the best master’s thesis in bioinformatics. Congratulations!
  • Filip’s project entitled “Coarse-grained molecular dynamics of RNA thermometers at elevated temperatures” has been awarded funding by the National Science Centre in the PRELUDIUM call. Congratulations!

May 2012

  • Joanna T. gave a talk at the Cecam workshop in Lausanne.
  • Joanna P. visited Martin Zacharias Lab at Technische Univeristat Munchen and gave a seminar for his group.
  • Marta D., Marta K. and Maciej J. took part in the 5th Symposium of the Polish Bioinformatics Society in Gdańsk.
  • Marta D. achieved  a special distinction in the Girls of the Future competition organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Elle magazine.
  • Paweł attended the PRACE Spring School in Cracow.
  • Nathalie Reuter (University of Bergen) visited our group and gave a seminar.

March 2012

  • Joanna T. and Filip participated in 243rd American Chemical Society National Meeting and Expositions, San Diego.
  • Joanna T. visited Universite de Lyon and gave a talk.

January 2012

  • Joanna Sarzyńska from Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań visited our lab and gave a talk.
  • Starting January 1st 2012 our lab has changed affiliation. We are now a part of the Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw.
  • Joanna P. organized the Tripos software training.

December 2011

Joanna T. participated in Protein and RNA Structure Prediction Conference 2011, which took place in Cancun, Mexico.